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About Us

It is a little known fact that many event photographers and videographers will book your event, then hire freelancers to do the work. At Cordero Productions, we work as a close team of professionals that have been trained in all aspects of production. You can be confident you will receive the best images or video covering your event, wedding, or conference. 

The Team


Photographer/Videographer Randy Cordero has spent over two decades honing his skills as a master of image and video development. After attending the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography, Cordero embarked on an ambitious freelance career, founding Cordero Studios in 1998. Since then, he has worked throughout the World, for some of the most prestigious magazines, ad agencies and corporations around.

A persistent problem-solver, Cordero has developed a reputation for getting any shot, anywhere, anytime, no matter the degree of difficulty or the number of barriers. Cordero pays specific attention to composition and lighting in his still photography, which carries over to developing a consistent and seamless frame-by-frame approach in his videos. Cordero remains focused in his resolve to find the perfect shot, and Cordero Studios remains dedicated to providing the best in video and photography to clients throughout the world.


Derry Devlin

Video and sound editor Derry Devlin possesses a steadfast passion and vision to work in the film and entertainment industry. After receiving degrees in audio engineering and film editing, Devlin moved to Los Angeles where he has freelanced as an aerial footage specialist, and became a member of Cordero Studios.


At Cordero Studios, Devlin has shown a true dedication to, knowledge of, and expertise in film editing and audio development, positively adding to the strong work ethic and persistent do-or-die attitude.


Joseph Farley

Video editor and videographer Joseph Farley graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a bachelors degree in film. After gaining valuable work experience creating promotional videos, Joseph returned to his home town of Los Angeles to further develop his skills as a filmmaker.


He discovered the place for him to do so is here at Cordero Studios, where he has continued to explore the art of the image and the video making process.

John Martorano

Honing his skills for over eight years with Cordero Productions, John Martorano defines what it means to be an accomplished shooter. With abilities in both photo and video, he can capture the moment no matter the medium. 

His specialty in luxury photography gives him a strong eye for the unique and extraordinary.  John is a master of finding the angle and nailing the perfect shot every time.   

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