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  • Why should I have my wedding filmed?
    A wedding video is one of the best possible ways to capture your special day. A wedding video records all the detail as well as the emotion and joy of the day. The amount of happiness that your wedding film will bring you, both immediately and into the future, makes it a must-have for any couple.
  • What is a wedding highlight video?
    A highlight video is essentially a 3 - 8 minute wedding film creatively edited to highlight the most memorable moments of your day. In our experience, a traditional ‘Documentary’ style video, while still a beautiful record of the day, can become overly long. Our goal is to produce a wedding film that you’ll want to watch over and over.
  • How long will my wedding video be?
    That depends on how long you book us to film for and which edit/s you decide to go with. Highlights are generally between 3 - 8 minutes, Feature edits between 10 - 20 minutes, Documentary edits can run from 1 - 2 hours.
  • How long will it take to edit my wedding film?
    The editing process is dependent upon some choices you will need to make about your wedding video – short or long format editing, music to be used with your montages and the overall style. However, Cordero Productions guarantees you will have your wedding video within 9 weeks.
  • Do you record in high-definition (HD)?
    Yes, all of our filming is done with high-definition cameras.
  • Can Cordero Productions shoot at multiple locations?
    Our packages include multiple locations. We will be there to capture your event.
  • How do you capture aduio?
    Proper audio recording of your wedding day is very important, and we come prepared. We will bring wireless mics and ambient mics to record your ceremony. The Groom and officiant will be asked to wear a lavalier mic during the ceremony. Other mics are placed throughout the ceremony site to record all the readings and music played during your ceremony. Throughout the reception, we will plug into the DJ’s sound system, so all announcements, toasts, special dances and other events will be crystal clear.
  • Can I make changes to my edited video?
    Of course. When you receive the initial presentation of your completed wedding video, you will have one week to review it and let us know if any changes are required. Once you are satisfied, we will quickly prepare your final wedding video.
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