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How Wedding Videos Have Changed and What It means for You

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Whether you have witnessed it or not, weddings have changed in the last ten years. We’re not talking about the cake, or dress, or types of venues. All of those fun aspects of the special day have remained constant, but the level of production associated with weddings has sky rocketed over the last decade. 

Everyone Wants That Cinematic Look

The average wedding video no longer consists of just a few cameras set up in the back of the venue to try to document the day from a distance. Many couples now want and are looking for 5 -7 minute cinematic wedding highlight videos, and rightfully so. Who wants to sit through an hour-long video of the full ceremony and reception? The answer is usually just the bride, groom, and immediate family that couldn’t make it that day. But a highlight video full of cinematic-quality shots, nice music, and the most emotional parts of the speeches used as a voice over, now that’s something shareable and just dying to be shown off!

Show Me the Proof

Need some evidence? Let’s turn to Google for some insights.

The term ‘wedding films’ has risen in the number of times it was searched for from an average of 25 times a day in 2004 to over 75 times a day presently while the term ‘wedding videos’ has remained a constant average of 30 during the same time period. What does that mean? At the very least, it shows us that even in the terminology, things have been changing.    

Next time you’re at wedding, look around and see.


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