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"I wish I had hired a wedding videographer"

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Don't let this phrase be how you remember your wedding.

With all the budgeting that goes into planning a wedding, it's sometimes necessary to make sacrifices. It's also easy to overlook an aspect of the special day that becomes important later on.

Video is often this piece of the wedding.

It's easy to overlook video as a lot of couples are so focused on the DJ, the venue, the catering, that if they do stop to think about what kind of memories they want to capture, they think about photography. Video can also be the first thing to be sacrificed by budget conscious brides and grooms. They might think having both photography and videography is overkill and will only add stress to their special day.

These couples later see a friend's wedding video or attend a wedding where there is a videographer and think: "I wish I had a videographer at my wedding."

Don't be this guy

You might even know a couple who regrets not having a videographer. Don't let yourself be one of these people. You have the chance to do things right. Yes, videography costs money, and it takes time to find the right videographer that you can trust, but the results are worth the effort.

Weddings fly by quickly. You get tunnel vision and focus on certain moments. A wedding video will help you relive those moments. It allows you to view the wedding from an outsiders perspective.

You will never regret having too many memories, but you will regret not capturing them.

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